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Financing Options in 2023 with Jenny Bayless
What Are the Best Financing Options Today? A Lender's Guide to Investing in Southern Colorado
Local lender Jessica Khani joins us for Part 2 of the 2023 Southern Colorado Investing Guide to talk about the best loan options for investors today. Whether you’re a house hacker,
Improve Your Portfolio: Prep for Later Jenny Bayless and Chris Lopez
5 Moves You Can Make Right Now to Improve Your Portfolio
Did you know you can improve the performance of your rental portfolio without buying more properties? We’ve got 5 moves you can make right now that will boost your returns and
Flexible Lending: Direct Private Money with Travis Sperr
What options do investors have when they need more creative financing than a bank can provide? Our Strategic Partner Travis Sperr of Renovo Financial has the answer. His extensive product suite
Strategic Partner Spotlight: Introducing Joe Massey, Residential Lender
Today, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our Strategic Partners, residential lender Joe Massey. Regular listeners are probably familiar with Joe, or at least his spreadsheet! Joe is your go
Can I Qualify for a Real Estate Loan If I'm Self-Employed?
Many real estate investors dream of leaving their W-2 job to focus on their portfolio, but will they still qualify for a real estate loan? To find out, I sat down
Podcast #74: Colorado Loan Hacking w/ Seth Van Essen

If you’ve listened to any of our webinars or podcasts, then you know how crucial it is to understand financing and how it can be leveraged to your advantage.  We’re constantly meeting

Podcast #44: Denver Lending w/ Jon Wilms of FirstBank
Podcast #43: Denver Lending with Joe Massey
Podcast #42: Lending with Lonnie Glessner and Building a "Pension for the 21st Century"
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