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Can You Boost Cash Flow by Mixing Rental Strategies?
Residential multifamily investors aren’t locked in to just one rental strategy. In Colorado Springs, investors Greg and Heather are combining short and medium term rentals to boost returns and ensure cash
Seller Credits and Self Managing: How to Cash Flow with High Interest Rates
Self-managing a property is not only a great learning experience, it can significantly boost returns, too. In this deal analysis, Jenny and Leah look at a recently purchased Pueblo duplex
Great Mountain View for $300/Month by House Hacking in Colorado Springs
Would you change cities for a great mountain view and $300/month in rent? This house hacker made the move from Denver to Colorado Springs to do just that. And when he
How Self-Managing a Fourplex Can Bring Strong Returns Despite a 6.625% Interest Rate
Leah and Jenny discuss a fourplex in Colorado Springs that’s a self-manager’s dream. The townhouse-style units are popular with tenants and yield impressive returns–even with today’s high interest rates. Listen to
AMAZING Cash Flow Even at 6% Interest Rates in Colorado Springs
Looking to boost cash flow as the market changes? In this deal analysis, we’re looking at a fourplex that’s being run as medium term rentals. Leah helped her buyers invest not
2022 Goal Setting with Leah Keeling with Envision Advisors
Envision Advisors investor friendly agent Leah Keeling joins us to talk about how well she met her goals for 2021, and what she wants to tackle for 2022. Leah ended the
New Build Pueblo Fourplex with Amazing Returns
We’re continuing to highlight properties in Pueblo to give investors a better idea of what this market looks like and how it performs. Today, we’re doing a deal analysis on a
Growing Returns on a $195K Pueblo Townhouse
In this Deal Analysis, Jenny and Leah discuss a townhouse in Pueblo recently purcahsed by a client who lives in Denver. They run through several different rent scenarios to
Pueblo Real Estate Market Tour - 3 Properties Walked and Analyzed
We’re switching things up today. Instead of talking about Colorado Springs, we’re going to go over some highlights of a market tour Leah and Jenny recently went on in Pueblo.
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