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Effects of 15% vs 20% vs 25% Down Payments on Long Term Wealth Building
This is a special deal analysis in which we look at the effects of different down payment amounts on the same property. A down payment of 15%, 20%, and 25%
Case Study: Investing $100,000 from a Primary Residence Cash-Out Refinance

In November 2019 I closed on a cash-out refinance on my primary residence to pull out $106,000 to invest into Denver rental properties. As discussed in earlier posts, the equity in

Tapping into Your Primary Residence Equity Updates - Part #2

Before reading this post, make sure you read the previous post, “Refinancing Your Primary Residence to Purchase Denver Investment Property” as this post builds upon the information in there. This post

Refinancing Your Primary Residence to Purchase Denver Investment Property

If you’re like many Denver homeowners who have owned their primary residence for a few years, then you’re probably sitting on a decent amount of equity that is often in the

Return on Equity

After owning a property for a few years, is using return on initial investment the best way to measure the performance of your rental property? No, it’s not. You’re building equity,

The Four Returns in Real Estate Investing: Cash Flow is NOT everything

Cash flow is NOT everything when it comes to analyzing rental properties. Yes, it’s important, but if you’re only looking at cash flow, then you’re missing a few very

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