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House Hack Ride Along #4: Cash Flowing While Living for Free
In this House Hack Ride Along episode, Ben Einspahr and I walk you through my fifth house hack in southwest Denver. The property has the ideal house hacker setup with two
House Hack Ride Along #3: New Build Townhome Airbnb in Wheat Ridge
In our third House Hack Ride Along episode, join Ben and Jeff as they tour Ben’s new build townhouse. The home has a separate studio on the first floor that he’s
House Hack Ride Along #2: Jeff's Ultimate House Hack
In our second House Hack Ride Along episode, join Ben and Jeff as they tour Jeff’s third house hack on the west side of Denver. Watch the video to see what
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House Hack Ride Along Episode 1: Ben’s First House Hack
Welcome to the first episode of our new series “House Hack Ride Along.”  Join Jeff White and Ben Einspahr as they tour house hacks in the Denver area.  These properties will
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