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Matt Amundson’s Creative Strategies for Leveraging your Equity
How to use your home equity to become a real estate millionaire like Matt Amundson
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How Steve Medina Escaped the 9 to 5 Grind with Real Estate Investing
From Corporate Worker to Real Estate Professional: Learn how Steve Medina acquired 5 rental properties in just 18 months.
"Is a HELOC Right for You?" Joe Selander and Chris Lopez, Keep Your 2.8% Interest Rate
Can you Keep Your 2.8% Interest Rate? How Lenders Are Pivoting to Combat High Rates
Lender and investor Joe Selander sits down with us to talk about his experience investing and how he’s pivoting to offer his clients more loan products in a high interest rate
The House Hack From Hell That Made Me $1,000,000
Welcome to my hell hack!  Oops…I mean house hack.  In episode three of our House Hackerz show with BiggerPockets, I’m taking you inside my unconventional house hack and showing
Don't Let Your Equity Just Sit There: 6 Ways to Find Money to Invest in Real Estate
How do investors find the capital to buy real estate? Lon Welsh joins us to highlight six methods you can use to fund your investments, from refinancing to loan options. Listen
Using a HELOC to Acquire a Colorado Springs Fourplex
In this Deal Analysis, Jenny and Chris discuss a fourplex recently purchased by Denver investors in the Springs. This is a great example of an off-market property that will generate
Refinancing Your Primary Residence to Purchase Denver Investment Property

If you’re like many Denver homeowners who have owned their primary residence for a few years, then you’re probably sitting on a decent amount of equity that is often in the

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