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Fix and Flip vs Long Term Rental: Landlord Shares His Biggest Mistakes
Seasoned investors know that different rental strategies work better in different markets. Today, we’re talking to Rick Staael, an investor who owns properties along the Front Range, about how he chooses
When Hard Money Lending Can Help You Profit on Your Fix and Flip
Strategic Partner Travis Sperr of Renovo Financial joins us to talk about a Fix and Flip in Aurora that he helped finance with a hard money loan. The experienced investor has
Denver Flipping Market Update for Q2 2020 w/ Derek Marlin

A couple of months ago we did an eight-part series called “Elevate Your Flip” with Derek Marlin.  We got such good feedback from the series that we wanted to continue with

Final Details & Listing Success Strategies for Your Flip Project

This is the seventh episode in our seven part course ELEVATE Your Flip. The final details of a project are the most important to a successful sale and achieving top dollar

Running the Flip Project

This is the 6th episode in our ELEVATE Your Flip series. If you haven’t read the previous blog posts, the first episode, Denver Flipping Blueprint, is a good place to start.

The Big 4 of Project Management for Flipping Houses: PART II

This is the 5th episode in our ELEVATE Your Flip series. If you haven’t listened to the previous blog posts, the first one, Denver Flipping Blueprint, is a good place to

Finding Flip Deals in Denver

It’s too hard to find a good deal in Denver! We’ll dispel this myth by discussing various ways to find great properties including using the MLS. We will also cover the

Denver Flip Market Overview & Deal Analysis

This is the second episode in our seven part series: ELEVATE Your Flip with Derek Marlin. We’ll tackle real time Denver market trends this winter and ways it affects

Denver Flipping Blueprint

The guest for this course is Derek Marlin. He is the Founder of ELEVATION which specializes in property re-development (Fix & Flip), consulting, wholesaling, and a unique Partnership Flip

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Podcast #54: Hard Money Lending with Kim Hubbard
Justin Cooper's Real Estate Investing Strategy
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