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ADU Updates and Nomading with a Young Family
On this week’s Drinks and Deep Dives show agent Stacy Rozansky and clients David and Mandy joined Chris in the studio to discuss an update to ADU rules in Denver and
Nomad Strategy with a Young Family in Ruby Hill
This Deal Analysis focuses on clients David and Mandy who are using the Nomad strategy to achieve financial independence.  They recently purchased a single family home in the Ruby Hill neighborhood
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Portfolio Analysis - Scaling up from 4 to 8 Properties While Preserving Equity
This Portfolio Analysis looks at a client who currently has four properties but wants to scale up to eight doors.  While this number is a personal goal for him, Chelsea thinks
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Institutional Investors Buying Up Single Family Homes in Colorado
We talk a lot about real estate trends in Colorado, and one of the topics Chelsea Scott is following is institutional investors buying up single family homes (SFHs), condos, and other
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Competing Against Institutional Investors and Doubling the Size of Your Portfolio
The guest this week for our Drinks and Deep Dives is Chelsea Scott, our Chief Investment Officer.  She joined Chris to explain an interesting factoid about buyer trends and to go
Maximize Your Return - Why You Should Consult With Envision Advisors Before Listing Your Home
In this deal analysis, agent Lauren Valinoti talks about how she helped her clients evaluate their options and decide whether or not to sell their duplex in Denver in order to
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Comparing Spreadsheet Projections vs Actual Numbers for Your Rental Property
When buying a new property, we use the spreadsheet to determine if a potential purchase makes sense. We use a mix of concrete numbers and projections based on averages and
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Denver Vacancy Rates and Rental Trends
Every quarter, the Apartment Association of Metro Denver publishes its Vacancy and Rent report. Combining vacancy rates and rent prices gives us a picture of the strength of the rental
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Deep-ER Dive - How to Calculate Profits for Your Rental Property
We’re back on track this week with our live Drinks and Deep Dives after our two week break and ready to jump back in with an updated intro, transitions, and graphics. 
Three Bedroom One Bathroom Rental Property for $283K
This deal analysis looks at an investment property Leah and I were able to find for our clients who live in Denver. They wanted a property that would help them
"Out of State" Investing an Hour Away From Denver & Market Trends in Denver and Colorado Springs
In this week’s Drinks and Deep Dives, Jenny Bayless joined Chris in the studio to talk about market trends for Colorado Springs and Denver, do a deep dive on a recent
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Portfolio Analysis: Fourplexes in Loveland - Raise Rents or Leverage Up?
This portfolio analysis was done for a client who owns two fourplexes in the Loveland area of Colorado. Both of the properties are underperforming from rent and CapEx standpoints.
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