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How Denver-Based Company Ink Is Modernizing the Contract Process
Denver-based prop tech company Ink is setting out to change real estate contracts for the better. Justin Knoll joins us to talk about how existing technology can be used to modernize
High Interest Rates Can't Touch House Hacking
We recently teamed up with BiggerPockets to bring you a brand-new show all about house hacking.  House Hackerz will feature property walks and interviews with investors to talk about why
Launching Curtis St Media and Our Strategic Partners Program
We’ve got exciting news to share: we’re launching a media company and bringing you improved content through our Strategic Partners program! It’s time to take things to the next level, which
Kaufman Hagan: Not Your Typical Denver Commercial Brokerage
Today, we’re introducing Denver to a new kind of commercial brokerage: Kaufman Hagan Commercial Real Estate. Listen to the episode to meet Principals Teal Nipp Hagan and Brandon Kaufman.
October 2019 Denver Real Estate Investor Market Update

This is the Denver October Market Update (my monthly “let’s grab a virtual cup of coffee and talk Denver real estate investing” with Joe Massey). Every month we cover updated stats

Podcast #107: Denver Real Estate Market Update - August 2019

It’s time for the monthly Denver Real Estate Market Update for August 2019.  Executive Summary: No big changes as inventory continues to build and prices continue to appreciate, just not

A 1% Rule Condo Rental In Aurora - Case Study
Podcast #99: Denver June Roundup - Market Update

This is the Denver real estate investing monthly roundup webinar for June 2019. It’s a virtual “Let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk real estate investing.”  Know what’s going on

Should I Put My Property In An LLC?

“Should I put my property in an LLC?” is one of the most common questions. There is not a simple yes or no answer. We discuss the three main options for

Podcast #97: Tax Planning 301 – Real Estate Exit Strategies

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on taxes. Join licensed realtor Chris Lopez and attorney Peter McFarland in exploring strategies to reduce your tax burden. In

Podcast #96: Tax Planning 201 – Advanced Strategies for Tax Savings

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on taxes. Topics include 1) Cost Segregation for Maximizing Depreciation 2) 179 Expensing & Bonus Depreciation 3) Real Estate Professional Status 4) Avoiding Self-Employment Tax

Podcast #95: Denver May 2019 Roundup

Joe Massey and I just wrapped up the May 2019 roundup webinar (our monthly “let’s grab a virtual cup of coffee and talk Denver real estate investing.”). In this episode we

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