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House Hacking Strategies that Achieve Above Market Rent | Deal Analyses
Jeff White and lender Troy Howell analyze two creative deals that pencil in today’s market—a fourplex using the new 5% down payment and an 8-bedroom house hack.
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Unbelievable Fourplex for $650K and 17% ROI | Deal Analysis
Jenny and Leah dive into the details of a spectacular $650K fourplex deal—this client’s 5th! Tune in for top insights for achieving multifamily success!
Why Commercial Investors Are Seeking out Shorter Loan Terms
High interest rates are changing the landscape of commercial deals throughout Colorado and the rest of the country. William Foy and Marcus Davis of Spearhead Commercial Capital join us to explain
When Hard Money Lending Can Help You Profit on Your Fix and Flip
Strategic Partner Travis Sperr of Renovo Financial joins us to talk about a Fix and Flip in Aurora that he helped finance with a hard money loan. The experienced investor has
Getting $250k Cash to Replace Lightbulbs? A Creative Method for Pulling out Equity in an Office Building Refinance
How do you adjust your investing strategy when you’re at the end of your investing cycle? Strategic Partners Marcus Davis and William Foy of Spearhead Commercial Capital join us to discuss
Double Digit Returns at 5.75% Interest Rate in Colorado Springs
In this deal analysis, we’re looking at a townhouse purchased by first-time investors. We’re able to see this deal holistically because Jenny was the listing agent, and Leah was the buyer’s
Where Should You Invest $50k in Colorado?
Is it still possible to cash flow in this market? Lender and Strategic Partner Joe Massey joins us to talk about a single family home in Pueblo he helped Denver
What Does $80k Buy You in Pueblo?
What’s the best way to redeploy the equity sitting in your property? In this episode, Jenny shows how she took advantage of the appreciation in her Colorado Springs rental property to
Utilizing a 1031 Exchange to Buy a Lakewood Duplex
In this deal analysis, Preston explains how he helped his client use a 1031 exchange to sell his condo and buy a Lakewood duplex. By bumping the rents up to
Location over Cash Flow in Downtown Colorado Springs
This deal analysis is all about location, location, location. We’re looking at a downtown Colorado Springs single family house that might not look great on paper right now, but in a
How to Boost Returns on a 1960s Multifamily in Englewood
In this deal analysis, Travis Sperr joins us to talk about an 11 unit multifamily property he helped finance in Englewood, CO. The investors have a creative plan to add
Consolidating 28 Loans to Invest in a 56-Unit Multifamily Property
Strategic Partners Marcus Davis and William Foy join us for our first commercial deal analysis. They’re walking us through how they helped a client who had 28 investment properties with
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