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Photo showing condos in Breckenridge, CO
What Does It Take to Make This Breckenridge Condo Cash Flow?
Can you cash flow from a mountain home? We’re finding out by looking at the numbers on a 2 bedroom condo in Breckenridge.
Photo showing condos in Keystone, CO
Breaking Down HOA Dues and Other Costs in a Keystone Condo
How do HOA dues differ for a mountain condo than a home along the Front Range? Check out this deal analysis to find, plus see what it takes to break even.
First Time Denver Investor: 15% or 25% Down?
Our strategic partner Joe Massey joins us to analyze a deal for a condo in Denver. His client is just getting started investing and he helped her navigate the nuances of
2 Bed 2 Bath Condo for Less than $220K in Colorado Springs
In this Deal Analysis, Jenny and Chris look at a condo recently purchased by first time investors. Listen to the podcast to see the solid returns they’ll be getting, and
Deal Analysis - House Hack in Denver for Under $200K
Our client in this Deal Analysis was looking to start a rental portfolio and wanted to take advantage of the house hack strategy. He wanted a place under $200k to start,
Deal Analysis - Rental Property Purchased During COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a condo in one of our favorite investor complexes in Aurora. We originally put an offer in but lost out to a cash offer. It fell out of contract

Deal or No Deal? Flipping a Condo in Congress Park

This is another episode in our Deal Analysis subseries called “Deal or No Deal?” with Derek Marlin of ELEVATION. In this episode, we analyze a Congress Park Condo that

Deal Analysis - Aurora Rental Condo With Value Add Play

Aurora condos are typically the best cash flowing investment properties in the current Denver metro real estate market. Our clients picked up their third rental property in Aurora. This is a

Deal Analysis - Under $35k Down to Buy a Rental in Denver!

One bedroom condos are the lowest price point properties that you can find in Denver and Aurora. An investor can buy one for just over $30,000 out of pocket with a

Deal Analysis - Investment Condo in Aurora, CO

This is an Aurora rental condo purchased by Chris Lopez. It’s a straightforward rental property that met his criteria and in a complex where we’ve done many transactions. Aurora investment properties

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