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Property Llama Goes to New York
Chelsea joins us to talk about her recent presentation for Property Llama at the Inman Conference in New York City. She explains how she went from not knowing about the
Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets with Propertyllama, Our New Real Estate Analysis Software
Meet Propertyllama, our brand new portfolio analysis software. Combining the utility of spreadsheets and the insight of human advising, this software will change the way you look at your portfolio. Our
Where Should You Invest $500K in Colorado?
Thanks to an appreciating market, many investors have the gift of equity. What’s the best way to use that equity to strengthen their portfolio? Our Portfolio Analysis Mastermind was created to
Portfolio Analysis Mastermind: Optimizing Richard and Ilona's Rental Portfolio
We’re continuing to highlight our recent Portfolio Analysis Mastermind with a look at Richard and Ilona’s portfolio. The goal of the mastermind was to help investors around Colorado figure out the
Portfolio Analysis Mastermind: Analyzing Ben Einspahr's House Hack Portfolio
Today’s episode is a snippet from our Portfolio Analysis Mastermind in which we analyze Ben Einspahr’s portfolio. We started this mastermind with the goal of helping investors around Colorado figure out
Super Bowl Champion Ryan Harris's Mindset: "More Is Not Always Better”
Former Bronco and Superbowl 50 champion Ryan Harris joins Chris and Chelsea to talk about his outlook on life and how that shapes his real estate investing philosophy. Listen to
Portfolio Analysis Mastermind: Your Roadmap To Building Wealth in Colorado
We’re excited to announce the launch of our Portfolio Analysis Mastermind! Listen to the episode to learn about the new tool we’ve created to analyze your portfolio and get the
Interview with AirDNA Founder Scott Shatford
Chris and Chelsea sat down with AirDNA founder Scott Shatford to discuss why he started the company and how it helps people successfully manage their short term rentals. Listen
Using a SWOT Analysis to Evaluate a Loveland Fourplex
While most people use spreadsheets and numbers to evaluate their properties, there are other methods that are worth looking at, too.  A new aspect of our Portfolio Analysis service is incorporating
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Portfolio Analysis - Scaling up from 4 to 8 Properties While Preserving Equity
This Portfolio Analysis looks at a client who currently has four properties but wants to scale up to eight doors.  While this number is a personal goal for him, Chelsea thinks
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Institutional Investors Buying Up Single Family Homes in Colorado
We talk a lot about real estate trends in Colorado, and one of the topics Chelsea Scott is following is institutional investors buying up single family homes (SFHs), condos, and other
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Competing Against Institutional Investors and Doubling the Size of Your Portfolio
The guest this week for our Drinks and Deep Dives is Chelsea Scott, our Chief Investment Officer.  She joined Chris to explain an interesting factoid about buyer trends and to go
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