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Deal Analysis - Timber Ridge 40-Unit Property
This is the fourth syndication deal from The VareCo featured on the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast. In this episode, The VareCo’s Terrance Doyle and Ben Davis discuss their latest multi-family
Deal Analysis - 23 Unit Wyandot Street Value-Add Property

This Deal Analysis highlights The VareCo’s ability to execute a unique value-add opportunity in an A+ location in Denver, CO. This deal consists of a 23 unit property, a duplex, and

Deal Analysis - Denver Syndication of 17 units: The HAP Contract and the Package Deal

This post highlights The VareCo’s acquisition of a portfolio with unique complexities, stringent federal regulations, and creative opportunities. This portfolio consists of two multifamily complexes sold as a package-deal in two

Deal Analysis - Denver Syndication of a 25 Unit Portfolio

This post with Terrance Doyle and Ben Davis of The VareCo covers how The VareCo sourced a 25 unit portfolio, got it under contract, underwrote, raised capital and their plan

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