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#1 Mistake Landlords Make
Should I Keep, Refi, or Sell? Underperforming Rental Property at 12% ROE
In the first episode, of the “Deal Analysis Show,” Chris Lopez and Matt Amundson analyze Matt’s mediocre rental property to find out if his best move is to keep the property,
Denver Rent by the Room House Hack With A Spouse
Jordan Lindsay’s successful “rent by the room” house hacking journey, achieved alongside his now-wife, showcases how this strategy can pave the way to financial freedom.
Successful Rental Property Analysis with Lon Welsh, Eric Ross, and Chris Lopez
Discover the Secrets to Successful Rental Property Analysis
What’s the best way to analyze your rental property, and how does it change over time? Our experts share their secrets for analyzing their investments and getting the best returns.
When Hard Money Lending Can Help You Profit on Your Fix and Flip
Strategic Partner Travis Sperr of Renovo Financial joins us to talk about a Fix and Flip in Aurora that he helped finance with a hard money loan. The experienced investor has
House Hacking In Denver for Less than $5,000 Down (Not a VA Loan!)
Our guests for this podcast are couple Dianna and Will who realized they weren’t happy with the path they were on in California and decided to make some major changes in
Deal Analysis - 6 Unit Multi Family w/ Value Add Upside

This deal analysis looks at an awesome 6 Unit in Aurora that caught our eye as it had been on the market for a while. After talking with the agent and

Deal Analysis - 11 Unit Apartment Building

Our client for this 11 unit apartment building purchase was an out of state, first time investor looking to get into the Denver market as he plans to relocate to Denver

Deal Analysis - Rental Property Purchased During COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a condo in one of our favorite investor complexes in Aurora. We originally put an offer in but lost out to a cash offer. It fell out of contract

Deal Analysis - Nine Unit Apartment Near The Anschutz Medical Complex

The investment property discussed in this Deal Analysis is a 9 unit apartment building in Aurora near the Anschutz medical complex. Originally it was a 6 unit,  but a previous owner

Deal Analysis - Aurora Rental Condo With Value Add Play

Aurora condos are typically the best cash flowing investment properties in the current Denver metro real estate market. Our clients picked up their third rental property in Aurora. This is a

Deal Analysis - Investment Property House in Aurora, CO

Buying detached homes in Aurora near the Anschutz medical campus is one of the last areas around Denver to buy lower priced homes that cash flow. These properties make sense because

Deal Analysis - Under $35k Down to Buy a Rental in Denver!

One bedroom condos are the lowest price point properties that you can find in Denver and Aurora. An investor can buy one for just over $30,000 out of pocket with a

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