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First House Hack in Arvada with Mother-in-Law Suite
Erik Mehus has been interested in real estate from an early age, and now that he and his fiancée both have well-paying W2 jobs, they’re ready to start focusing on building
Focusing on Real Estate Appreciation in an Arvada Duplex
This deal analysis highlights the importance of having long term goals. Our client’s major focus is on diversifying and building a real estate portfolio. He isn’t concerned with cash
Deal Analysis - It’s All About Your Mindset: House Hack in Arvada
This deal analysis profiles first time investor Ryan Lind. Agent Lauren Valinoti helped him find a house hack in Arvada that is set to bring him great returns. But just like
House Hacking with an Engineer: Finding Joy in the Numbers - Even After Buying a New Build Townhome
As part of our series on new build townhomes, Chris and Lauren sat down with investor Anthony Musco to discuss the new build townhome Lauren helped him purchase near Olde Towne
Deal or No Deal? Arvada Single Family Redevelopment

This is the fourth episode in our Deal Analysis series focusing on fix and flips with Derek Marlin of ELEVATION. This episode looks at a single family redevelopment in the north

Deal Analysis - Arvada AirBnB House Hack

There are two different deal analyses discussed in this episode. #1 Living at the house while Airbning the mother-in-law suite in Arvada, CO. #2 A long term rental analysis for after

2nd Nomad Property In Arvada - Case Study
Arvada House Hack With Mother-In-Law Suite - Case Study
Webinar #21: Denver Rentals from a Property Managers Perspective
Podcast #25: Arvada House Hacking w/ Tyler Giering
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