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Create Listing Opportunities with Denver Rental Application + ROE Brady Mullen, Chris Lopez, Andy Rhodes, Kevin Green
Rental App + ROE = Listing Opportunities
How can you take advantage of current events to create more listing opportunities? The Denver Rental License requirement and huge increase in Return on Equity both present a unique opportunity for
"Don't Make These Mistakes" Chris Lopez and Andy Rhodes discuss how to pass your Denver rental license inspection
Want to Pass Your Denver Rental License Inspection? Avoid These 3 Mistakes
Worried about passing your Denver Rental License inspection? Don’t be! We’re sitting down with inspector Andy Rhodes, who’s completed 3900 inspections already, to talk about the top 3 reasons landlords fail
Denver Rental License Webinar: Your Ultimate Guide to Passing with Chris Lopez and Andy Rhodes
Denver Rental License: Everything You Need to Know!
Are you struggling to understand the new Denver Rental License requirements? Learn from the team that’s completed almost 4000 inspections in the last 7 months!
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