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5 Properties in 5 Years by "Stacking" Your House Hacks
In today’s episode of House Hackerz, we have a 3 for 1 special.  We’re looking at a great house with three units—one primary residence and two Airbnb’s that bring in
Buying Your “Dream Home” Will Make You Broke
Welcome back to another episode of House Hackerz. Today, we’re looking at a house where the couple rents out the basement suite as an Airbnb while living upstairs. Jesteny and Chris
The 150 SQFT “House Hack-Bnb” Making $2,500/Month
Welcome back to another episode of House Hackerz with BiggerPockets. One thing I love about house hacking is all the creative, win-win strategies house hackers figure out. Today, I’m talking
Loftium's Host to Own Program Review: Can You Really House Hack with Almost No Money Down?
Can you buy a house in Denver even if you’re struggling to set aside money for a down payment? Loftium’s new Host to Own program allows buyers to move into their
Short Term Rentals: Minimize Headaches. Maximize Cashflow.
We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new online course: Step by Step Short and Medium Term Rentals. Short and medium term rentals are a great way to
Managing your short term rental
How Professional Property Management Can Increase Profit on Short Term Airbnb Rentals
Most of our clients investing in real estate focus on long term rentals, but as we review numbers and data from short term rentals, we are seeing huge returns in this
Denver ADU Rental Value [5 of 9]

We discuss considerations in renting your ADU. Our special guest is a property manager who specializes in Airbnb property management.

Podcast #26: Denver House Hacking w/ Craig Curelop
Podcast #5: Airbnb and VRBO Short Term Rentals in Denver
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