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Denver Turnkey Fourplex for Successful Business Owners
In this Deal Analysis, Preston looks at a fourplex he recently helped some clients purchase in the Ruby Hill neighborhood of Denver. He’s worked with them before, so he knew
House Hacking in Denver for Only $300/mo!
In this deal analysis, Stacy looks at a property recently purchased by a house hacker. Even though things didn’t go their way at first, he’s still getting a great
Over 10% Cash on Cash Return on Room by Room Rental in Colorado Springs
Jenny and Leah do a deal analysis on a 5 bedroom/3.5 bathroom tri-level house purchased by an out of state investor. By pursuing a room-by-room rental strategy, his returns are
Denver Investor Buys in Colorado Springs for $250,000
In this episode, Jenny and Leah do a deal analysis on a townhome purchased by a first-time investor. By self-managing the property, he’s helping boost his long-term returns. Listen
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