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COS podcast - townhome in security
3 Bedroom Townhouse in Colorado Springs for $300K
Last year, named the 80911 zip code in Colorado Springs the hottest zip code in the US, thanks to its affordability and quality of life. This is a great
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Room by Room Rental in a Single Family 5 Bedroom Home
This deal analysis looks at a creative strategy for renting out a single family home. This client recently purchased a house in Colorado Springs and is doing a room by
Increasing Cashflow through Self-Management of 3 bedroom 1 bath Colorado Springs Rental
This deal analysis focuses on a single family home in Colorado Springs. Our client leveraged his primary home to purchase two rental properties in the Springs, and this house is
Fourplex in Colorado Springs for $619,000
This deal analysis is for a fourplex in Colorado Springs. This was a great deal for our clients, but it took five months of patience and being in the right
Deal Analysis - It’s All About Your Mindset: House Hack in Arvada
This deal analysis profiles first time investor Ryan Lind. Agent Lauren Valinoti helped him find a house hack in Arvada that is set to bring him great returns. But just like
Deal Analysis - Using Creative Financing to Build a Portfolio
Our guest this week is an investor who started investing late 2020, and is making great strides towards reaching his real estate goals by building his rental portfolio in Colorado
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