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2021 Goals Status Check with Chris
As we start planning our goals for 2022, now is a good time to check in with Chris and see how much progress he’s making on his goals for 2021.
2021 Goals Status Check with Terrance
Chris recently sat down with Terrance Doyle to check in with him about his 2021 investing goals that he outlined in the 2021 Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing Strategies, the
2021 Real Estate Investing Goals - Terrance Doyle
Denver real estate investor Terrance Doyle shares his goals for 2021. Find out how he took his business from an average purchase price of $1.5m in 2019 to closing on over
2021 Real Estate Investing Goals - Chris Lopez
This episode outlines Chris Lopez’s real estate investing goals for 2021. Listen to the podcast to get ideas to help you set your own goals. We are currently accepting submissions for
2021 Real Estate Investing Goals - Jenny Bayless
Jenny Bayless, Colorado Springs real estate investor and agent, discusses her 2021 real estate investing goals that she outlined in her chapter submission for the 2021 Colorado Real Estate Investing Guide
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