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Deal Analysis - Future Rental Property in Westminster, CO

Our investor client purchased a detached single family home in Westminster to Nomad™. He purchased the home with a 0% down VA loan which means he had to bring less than

Deal Analysis - Nomad™ in Westminster

A new investor purchased his first house hack in Westminster. He’s following the Nomad™ strategy to buy a new rental property every year. He may or may not rent out a

Deal Analysis - Eight Unit Apartment Near Denver University

This property is an established 8 unit in a desirable part of town near Denver University. 6 of the 8 units were recently updated with mostly long-term tenants. A plus is

Deal Analysis - Nine Unit Apartment Near The Anschutz Medical Complex

The investment property discussed in this Deal Analysis is a 9 unit apartment building in Aurora near the Anschutz medical complex. Originally it was a 6 unit,  but a previous owner

Deal Analysis - Aurora Rental Condo With Value Add Play

Aurora condos are typically the best cash flowing investment properties in the current Denver metro real estate market. Our clients picked up their third rental property in Aurora. This is a

Deal Analysis - Investment Property House in Aurora, CO

Buying detached homes in Aurora near the Anschutz medical campus is one of the last areas around Denver to buy lower priced homes that cash flow. These properties make sense because

Deal Analysis - Rental House in Lakewood, CO

Usually, the properties we buy on the west side of town are for House Hackers and Nomaders™. Our investors wanted to buy an investment property that was near their home. Cash

Deal Analysis - Westminster Townhouse House Hack

This analysis breaks down helping a first-time homebuyer and new investor to buy his first house hack. Our search focused on townhomes, since they have lower price points than detached homes.

Deal Analysis - Room by Room House Hack in Aurora

This deal analysis discusses a room by room house hack in Aurora, CO. Our team helped the client successfully buy their first house hack and future rental property. While living there,

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