Boosting Returns $10K by Investing Denver Equity in Pueblo

In this deal analysis, Strategic Partner and lender Joe Massey joins me to talk about a refinance he helped his clients do on an investment property. By using their equity to invest in another property, they’re increasing their overall returns, even as prices and interest rates rise. Listen to the episode to hear how they’re still profiting more, despite cash flowing less than before.

Getting $250k Cash to Replace Lightbulbs? A Creative Method for Pulling out Equity in an Office Building Refinance

How do you adjust your investing strategy when you’re at the end of your investing cycle? Strategic Partners Marcus Davis and William Foy of Spearhead Commercial Capital join us to discuss an office building refinance they helped a client complete. He’s winding down his investments and wanted to pull out cash and get a lower interest rate. Marcus matched a strategy to his goal, and found a creative way to pull out equity. Listen to the episode to learn how this client freed up $250K in cash!

Using Denver Equity to Invest in a Pueblo Rental Property

In this Deal Analysis, Jenny and Chris talk with new investor Emily about the rental property she recently purchased in Pueblo. This is a great example of taking advantage of Denver’s appreciation and redeploying it in a lower cost market. Listen to the episode to learn the details and find out how they used creative financing to fund repairs.

Using a HELOC to Acquire a Colorado Springs Fourplex

In this Deal Analysis, Jenny and Chris discuss a fourplex recently purchased by Denver investors in the Springs. This is a great example of an off-market property that will generate solid returns. Listen to the episode to learn more and see how slight adjustments in rents can significantly alter outcomes.

Deal Analysis: What should I do with my paid off property?

A question we often get from investors is what they should do with a property that’s entirely paid off. Should they keep it as is, refinance, or trade up via a 1031 exchange? Like most decisions, it depends on the specific situation. There’s a big difference between an investor who is 25 and just starting out in their investing career and a 52 year old who is looking to retire soon. The answer boils down to what your goals are, and where you are in your timeline.

Deal Analysis: Return on Equity on a 3 bed 1 bath Single Family Rental in Colorado Springs

This is not our typical deal analysis, in which we analyze a recently purchased property. Today, we are going to look at a rental property Jenny Bayless has owned for a few years and see how it’s performing by using our Return on Equity spreadsheet. This spreadsheet takes into account the current factors of a property and loan and runs different scenarios to help you figure out your best option. Clients often come to us not sure how they should keep a home they’ve owned for a while, sell and exchange, or refinance, so this is a great way to lay out their options. Check out this podcast to find out how a cash-out refi compares to selling the property.