How to Combine House Hack Strategies to Live for Free

One of the great things about house hacking is its versatility—house hackers aren’t locked into just one strategy. In this deal analysis, we’re looking at a single family home in Aurora in which first time investors are using both a rent by room and Section 8 rental strategy. They’ll almost live for free while there, and are poised to get fantastic returns when they move out.

Combining a Nomad and Room by Room Strategy in Colorado Springs

In this deal analysis, the client combined both a Nomad and room by room strategy to optimize his returns on a single family home in Colorado Springs. Now, he gets to enjoy living in a great house for a year and look forward to awesome returns when he moves out.

Listen to the episode to hear how implementing these strategies is poised to pay off for him.

Managing a Room by Room Strategy from Out of State

This deal analysis looks at a single family home in Colorado Springs recently purchased by an investor who specializes in room by room rentals.  He joined us to talk about how he got started in this strategy and his method that makes it work, even from out of state.  He has a unique outlook that helped him nail down his system. Find out what this owner of 6 Springs rentals uses to get an idea of rents in a particular area.