How This Pueblo Duplex Provides Positive Cash Flow Despite a High Interest Rate

Jenny Bayless "Cash Flow with 7% Interest!"

High interest rates are making cash flow harder to find, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We’re looking at a Pueblo duplex that not only cash flows with a 7% interest rate, it actually performs better as a long term rental than using a rent by the room model. Find out how these numbers work and why we think Pueblo offers investors great returns.

Don’t Let Negative Cash Flow Fool You: How to Recognize a Solid Investment

Jenny Bayless and Leah Keeling Cash Flow with an x over it; Future Wealth with a checkmark next to it

When is a negative actually a positive? Leah is just starting her investment journey with a new build townhouse expected to yield negative cash flow the first year. So, why do we think this is a great deal? Check out the podcast to learn why low money down affects cash flow and how there’s more than one way to make money in real estate.

How Is This Investor Cash Flowing $7K Annually with a 7% Interest Rate?

Jenny Bayless 7% Interest Rate? No Problem for Pueblo Duplex

Do high interest rates mean investors won’t cash flow? No! Today, we’re looking at a duplex in Pueblo that cash flows $7K annually despite a 7% interest rate. No fancy tricks or time-consuming rental strategies: this is a long term rental with property management that is generating exciting returns. Listen to the episode to find out how the numbers work and why we’re thrilled about this property.

Single Family Rentals versus Multifamily Rentals: Which One is Right for You?

Building a successful real estate portfolio can be difficult without the right strategies. That’s why we spoke with Garrett, a seasoned real estate investor who has transformed his life from renting out a single home to owning a diverse range of single and multi-family properties in just five years. Listen to the full episode to hear his insights and advice to achieve your goal and start investing in real estate like a pro.

5-Year Review: Is This Colorado Springs Rental a Good Investment?

Jenny Bayless analyzes a Colorado Springs rental home in this 5-Year Review.

This miniseries is all about reflection. Taking a look back to see how properties perform from the very beginning to five years in. As I sat down and looked at the numbers for this single-family rental in Colorado Springs, it is clear that while expenses might rise a bit, income does too. This is a great example of a simple rental property appreciating over time.

Leah’s 2023 Goals: Why This Investor Is Looking at Pueblo

Leah Keeling shares her 2023 real estate investment goals.

Leah Keeling has a wealth of knowledge in the Pueblo area, which we are predicting will be a hot market for 2023. She was Rookie of the Year, and in 2022 was the Top 2nd Year Agent at Your Castle Real Estate. I sat down with her to recap her 2022 investing goals and to see what lies ahead for 2023.

How This Real Estate Investor Grew 12 Units in 4 Years

Jordan Malara and his wife grew their real estate investment portfolio to 12 units in just 4 years.

Ever wondered how some real estate investors grow their portfolios so quickly? Jordan Malara is a great example of this. Using a mix of short-, medium-, and long-term rentals, he was able to grow multiple units in a short amount of time. We sat down with him to find out exactly how he did it.

Why Are Roofs So Important? CO RE Investors, Listen Up.

Colorado real estate investors - avoid these roofing mistakes!

Why are roofs so important? Well, if you’re a real estate investor in Colorado, they should be very important. With the climate and conditions we experience in Colorado, our roofs take a beating. I sat down with guest Dennis Miller from Best Roof Roofing to let us in on some trade secrets, so you’ll know what to look for when a roofing issue arises…and who to call when the shingles hit the fan.