How This House Hacker Started Investing Before Graduating College

It’s never too early to start your investing journey! That’s why our guest Miller started looking for the perfect Colorado Springs house hack before he finished college. Now, he and his wife are settled in and well on their way towards their long-term goals. Listen to the episode to hear his story, and find out how he’s taking a creative approach to maintaining privacy while living with roommates.

High Interest Rates Can’t Touch House Hacking

We recently teamed up with BiggerPockets to bring you a brand-new show all about house hacking.  House Hackerz will feature property walks and interviews with investors to talk about why they’re house hacking and how it’s getting them closer to their long-term financial freedom goals. 

Living the HGTV Dream in an Englewood Duplex

In this deal analysis, Chris and Lauren talk to clients Alexis and Bryant about their duplex in Englewood. They liked the idea of house hacking but didn’t want to share their space, so this duplex gives them the best of both worlds. Listen to the podcast for all of the details and learn why this is a great deal now and in the long run.

First House Hack in Arvada with Mother-in-Law Suite

Erik Mehus has been interested in real estate from an early age, and now that he and his fiancée both have well-paying W2 jobs, they’re ready to start focusing on building their portfolio. This deal analysis focuses on his first house hack and second property, a single family home in Arvada. This six bedroom two bathroom home was already split into two units with their own entrances, kitchens, and washer and dryer hookups. Listen to the podcast to find out how they found this turnkey property.

Transitioning from First to Second House Hack

Our guest for this episode is Ben Einspahr who our regular listeners will recognize as the co-host of the “House Hacking Masterminds” podcast. He previously joined me to talk about his first house hack, a three bedroom two bathroom home with a mother-in-law suite over the garage in Arvada. Recently, he and his wife Alyson closed on their second house hack, a new build townhome in Wheat Ridge. We sat down to discuss what the process of transitioning house hacks looks like and to go through the numbers on his new house. Listen to the podcast to hear how house hacking the townhome compares with operating it as a rental.

Triplex House Hack in an Awesome Location in West Wash Park

In this deal analysis, we look at a triplex located near the Wash Park neighborhood in Denver. This historic home features a main house with two units and a carriage house in the back. While the client wanted to use an FHA loan for a cheaper down payment, the high price of homes in Denver made it impossible for her to qualify. But even with 20% down, her returns on this property look great, and she has options to increase them in the future.

Deal Analysis – It’s All About Your Mindset: House Hack in Arvada

This deal analysis profiles first time investor Ryan Lind. Agent Lauren Valinoti helped him find a house hack in Arvada that is set to bring him great returns. But just like every other investor, he ran into some speedbumps along the way. We sat down with him to go over the deal and what he’s learned throughout the process. Listen to the podcast to find out how this first rental property gets him closer to his goal of $10K in monthly cashflow in 7 years.