When Hard Money Lending Can Help You Profit on Your Fix and Flip

Strategic Partner Travis Sperr of Renovo Financial joins us to talk about a Fix and Flip in Aurora that he helped finance with a hard money loan. The experienced investor has a solid business model and was able to take advantage of competitive terms to ensure a profit. Listen to the episode to hear the details, and learn how Renovo’s new virtual draw platform is streamlining the funding process.

Million Dollar Littleton Colorado Flip

This episode features another “Deal or No Deal” with ELEVATION’s Derek Marlin.  He joined Chris in the studio to talk about a recent flip he did in Littleton.  This was his most successful flip yet, what he calls his “HGTV flip.”  Tune in to find out how he sourced the deal, how they approached the project, and what they were able to get for the property.