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Commercial mortgage brokering firm connecting clients with financing options
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About Spearhead Commercial Capital
Marcus Davis and William Foy are the founding partners of Spearhead Commercial Capital. Spearhead is a commercial mortgage brokering firm in Denver, Colorado.

Their aim is to connect investors to the best financing structure based on investors’ specific goals. Their network includes lenders interested in all asset classes: office, industrial, self-storage, and retail.

They started Spearhead Commercial Capital so their clients always have options.  They take great pride in understanding their clients’ strategic priorities and matching them with the appropriate lending structure.  To accomplish this, they’ve cultivated relationships with a wide variety of lenders and capital partners both locally and nationally.

Why I Like Spearhead Commercial Capital:
At the beginning of the pandemic, the commercial lending world got turned upside down for a few months. I had a couple of local banks that were my go-to, but their loan committees stopped lending or dramatically increased rates.
In my search for new commercial lenders, I got in touch with William and Marcus. They were able to save the deal by creating a great loan product.
Both Marcus and William are former bankers who have 12+ years of experience underwriting deals for banking institutions. They got tired of having to say no to clients at the bank; they created Spearhead so they can find ways to say yes.
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Meet William and Marcus
Team Members
William Foy and Marcus Davis are the founding partners of Spearhead Commercial Capital
William Foy
William Foy

William proudly financed more than $250 million in commercial real estate loans over the course of his 12 year banking career and was formerly a Vice President at multiple banking institutions in Denver. He prides himself on developing strong long-lasting relationships with real estate investors by fully understanding strategy and priorities for each asset and negotiating lending structures that best fit that criteria.

Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis

Marcus brings more than 13 years of experience in commercial real estate and capital markets, ranging from portfolio management, underwriting, and originating new construction developments, asset acquisitions, portfolio restructuring and wholesale relationship management. Marcus sources financing options for clients to acquire, develop and refinance properties.

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