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Common Questions

“Why are you giving all this away for free?”

We’re investors ourselves. Our attitude is that every dollar saved is a dollar that can be invested. We’d rather see you use the money as a down payment. It’s also good business for us. Hopefully, the information we provide is valuable and you’ll consider working with us to buy an investment property.

“I’m having trouble registering or have another question…”

Contact Chris Lopez at (303) 548-0846 or [email protected]

“Will my information be shared or sold?”

No, it will not. 

“I’m already working with a broker. Can I still register?”

Of course! We respect relationships and hope that our information can help you build your portfolio.  

I’m a real estate agent, can I still register?”

Yes, of course. All we ask is that if you use any information from this website with your clients, please give us proper credit.