Charles Roberts and Chris Lopez are investor-friendly Realtors who specialize in helping investors build wealth by buying Denver rental properties. We’ve closed over 400 deals for investors.

Denver Metro Real Estate Investing Book - Real Estate Investment Group DenverBoth are licensed Realtors with Your Castle Real Estate. In addition to being the President of Your Castle Real Estate and an accomplished investor, Charles literally wrote the book on Denver Real Estate Investing. He co-authored and published “The Practical Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing.” Make sure you download a free copy.

About the best Real Estate Investment Group in Denver – DIRE

This website was created with one goal in mind: To provide free education and resources to help investors buy property and grow their portfolio in the Denver Metro. Period.

There are two issues with the majority of content available on the Internet:

Problem #1: Generalized Real Estate Information

Most information on the Internet is generalized real estate information that is not Denver specific. Don’t get us wrong, the information is great at helping people understand why real estate investing is the best way to create long term wealth. However, it doesn’t help people where the “rubber meets the road.” Many people get frustrated when they start trying to invest at the local level because every market is different! Take the general real estate principles you find online and apply them to San Francisco, Denver, and Cleveland and you’re stuck spinning your tires. And probably never investing!

Problem #2: It’s Absurdly Expensive (and Usually Not Worth It)

Generally speaking, there is no need to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on mentors and gurus to learn real estate investing. Many websites are marketing funnels to lead towards four or five digit programs and courses. In almost every situation, you’re better off spending that money towards a down payment on your own investment property. Please don’t get sucked up into the hype and big promises of the gurus!

We Want You to Buy Cash Flowing Properties, Not Expensive Courses!

There is no one “right way” to buy real estate. Our goal is to help you find the best way for your situation. The website was built to provide you data, trends, education, and success stories. It’s impossible for us to tell you exactly how you need to invest. Look, we wish we could, but it’s impossible!

Rather, we take a consultative approach to buying investment property. Use the website as a baseline for your education and then let’s grab a cup of coffee to talk real estate. You’ll get to pick our brains and we’ll get to ask you questions to understand your situation. Then we can start putting together an investing strategy for you. Please reach out to schedule your investment consultation.

Not only do we take a long term approach to investing in real estate, we also take the long term approach in working with our clients. We want to develop a long term relationship with you to help you build your portfolio.


Charles Roberts and Chris Lopez


Charles Roberts

(303) 523-3837
[email protected]

President of Your Castle Real Estate and Live Urban Real Estate | Licensed Realtor | Investor | Registered Appraiser | Investor-friendly Realtor | Former loan officer

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Chris Lopez

(303) 548-0846
[email protected]

Investor-friendly Realtor at Your Castle Real Estate | Investor | Host of the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast

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