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Buy Now or Be Priced Out Forever? July Colorado Real Estate Update
The June 2024 real estate market updates are out, featuring the latest insights for interest rates, buyer activity, and details on our latest deals!
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What We Learned About Cash Flow From Analyzing 6,858 Properties
Discover a better way to look at your rental property cash flow and reach your financial goals from the data from over 6,800 properties.
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Learn to Develop Properties Like a Pro (For Action Takers)
Dive into real estate development with the redT Homes Developer Incubator Program!
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The Rise of Build-to-Rent and Why Investors Should Take Note
Explore the rise of “build-to-rent” (BTR) with Ryan Watts from Red River Development. Learn about their strategy in managing 1,500 units, market trends, site selection, and financial insights. Discover why BTR
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DST vs Tenancy in Common: Which Investing Strategy is Right for You?
Rick Chess breaks down the returns and risks of 1031 exchange options (DST and TIC) for investors looking to reinvest their capital gains.
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Real Estate Developer's Strategy for a $45 Million Multifamily in an Opportunity Zone
Real estate developer, Adam Fenton, reveals what it takes to pull off a $45M multifamily development in Colorado Springs.
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Why Denver's 75% Inventory Surge Is a Huge Opportunity
The May 2024 market stats for Denver and Southern Colorado are now out, and our panel is back to discuss what they mean. With a whopping 75% inventory surge in Denver,
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Leveraging Passive Activity Losses to Reduce your W-2 Tax Burden
Brandon Hall, CPA shares his expert knowledge of passive activity loss rules, depreciation, and cost segregation to help you become a tax-savvy investor!
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The Secrets to Syndicating Over 2,100 Apartment Units with Anthony Chara
Learn Anthony Chara’s expert tips on navigating market cycles, diversifying investments, and the opportunities investors should be looking at today.
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