Slatt Capital: The Family-Oriented Lender Expanding to Serve Colorado Investors

Slatt Capital’s President Michael Kaplan and Denver Managing Director Adam Aluise share insights on the commercial real estate market and the importance of having a local partner when investing in out-of-state properties. Since Denver is currently an attractive location for investment, with proper portfolio management you can get astonishing and stabilized deals! Stay tuned for more info!

How Nick Elder House Hacked his way to MultiFamily

In this episode, Chris interviews Nick Elder, a former pharmaceutical sales employee turned real estate investor, who shares his journey from house hacking to multi-family properties and syndications. They discuss the importance of networking and goal-setting when changing career paths. Nick’s first house hack was in North Denver, where he rented out rooms individually for cash flow. They also discuss the private equity side of real estate and experimenting with passive investing. This episode is for anyone interested in learning about real estate investment strategies.