Based on your results from our Real Estate Investor Quiz, we believe the following strategies may be the right investment options for you:

Lease Option (Owner Carry)

In this strategy, investors lease a property from an owner, and the owner still carries all of the mortgage. The investor finds a tenant for the property and rents it out to them. This practice is commonly known as subleasing or subletting.  This is a potential starting point for those who want to invest in real estate but don’t have the capital or credit score to buy their own property.

Subleasing may be prohibited by the property owner or local regulations. Check the terms of your lease to make sure this is allowed. If renting in an apartment or condo building, make sure the building’s HOA approves of these arrangement, in addition to getting approval from the property owner.

Always check your local laws and regulations. Some jurisdictions allow tenants to sublease under certain circumstances regardless of lease prohibitions.

Learn more about subleasing in this Investopedia article.

Pros and Cons of Lease Options

Pros of Lease Options:

Cons of Lease Options:


An investor who is interested in wholesaling, sometimes referred to as assignments, gets a property under contract for an attractive price, and then assigns the contract to another buyer, usually another investor.  The first investor will be paid a fee for their work. The purchaser of the contract gets all the rights and accepts all the responsibilities of the contract.

If you don’t have much equity (e.g., cash to use as a down payment), and/or if your credit power is limited, assignments can be a way to get started in real estate investing.  You will need to have a strong “sales” personality to succeed at it, though. 

Read this Investopedia article to learn more about wholesaling.

Be advised: Selling real estate without a license is a crime in Colorado and most other states. Before attempting to wholesale, consult with a lawyer about the legalities involved. Learn more about Colorado requirements at the Division of Real estate site.

Pros and Cons of Wholesaling

Pros of Wholesaling:

Cons of Wholesaling:

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