Investing in a Sustainable Future with an 8% Pref
A Unique Investment Opportunity with redT Homes
Webinar on Tuesday, January 23rd at 12PM MST
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Webinar Summary:
Step into a future of green investments as redT Homes unveils a unique opportunity allowing investors the opportunity to help in growing a greener Colorado. Join Chris Lopez as he sits down with Paul Ko, Chief Investment Officer of redT Homes to discuss redT’s dual-arm strategy that ensures revenue generation on one side and a secure pipeline of investments on the other. RedT Homes boasts over 600+ active projects, and over $664,000,000 in sales, inviting investors to take part in an exciting journey with a company making a lasting impact. Take your part in building a sustainable legacy, where your investment not only shapes future pipeline but also contributes to a greener, more eco-conscious world. This is your chance to invest wisely, align with sustainable progress, and claim your eco-stake with redT Homes.
Topics of discussion will include:

Chris Lopez

Envision Advisors & Property Llama

Paul Ko

Chief Investment Officer
redT Homes

The information included on this page constitutes a “forward-looking statement,” and there is no guarantee that our company’s future performance will reflect the figures provided above. Prospective investors should read the Private Placement Memorandum being circulated in connection with this offering in its entirety in order to make an informed investment decision, giving particular attention to the section therein entitled “RISK FACTORS.”
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