Every year I publish a new edition of the Colorado Real Estate Investing Guide. It’s a unique concept, because the chapters are crowdsourced from Denver and Colorado Springs investors sharing their real estate investing strategies and goals. The goal of the book is to share ideas and connect people around town to grow your knowledge and your network.

We are now accepting submissions for the 2024 Guide!

The book is only a success if you and others write and contribute your strategy as a chapter! I have high expectations for this edition.

Why Contribute?

It’s not to get rich off of royalties, because there aren’t any when the book is book is made available basically at cost on Amazon and given away to clients and other investors at events around Denver.

I’ll tell you why I write and publish my strategies and goals. Between my degree in financial planning, reading tons of business books, and the hard knocks of building (and failing) at businesses, I’m a firm believer in three things for achieving goals:

      1. Writing down your goals and strategy. Writing forces a higher mental clarity and articulation than verbally sharing them.
      2. Publicly sharing. The more you share, the more you get back. People will bring you new ideas or potential deals that meet your criteria.
      3. Accountability. Every successful entrepreneur I know uses accountability in one form or another.

    Fast forward after a year of having my strategy published… it’s led to new ideas, deal flow, clients and a bigger network. All important items for building my real estate business and portfolio.

    If you write and publish a chapter will you have the same results? I don’t know. I can guarantee that you won’t know unless you do. Read on to learn how to submit!

    Submission Guidelines

    LAST CHANCE! Submissions are due Feb 19, 2024!

        • Please don’t submit a chapter without reading the previous edition. You can order one on Amazon or reach out to us, and we will get one to you.

        • Please proofread before submitting it. It doesn’t need to be perfect as I have a professional proofer read it, but don’t send in something that needs a ton of work.

        • No fancy formatting. Please keep it to the basics of headlines, bullet points, bolding, etc. See previous editions for formatting examples.

        • Your chapter is NOT a sales letter for your services, courses, conferences, etc. One of the goals of this book is to connect people to do deals together, but do that by providing value and your personal strategy.

        • There is no minimum or maximum length.

        • If you’re a previous contributor, I welcome a new chapter, but it must be new material. I’m NOT going to republish your same chapter. Submit a new chapter with your current goals, updates on progress, and anything you’ve learned along the way.

        • Anyone can contribute who has a real estate investing connection to the Front Range of Colorado. The “Front Range Connection” is the one requirement. Investors, real estate professionals, my clients, and other agents are all welcome to contribute. The goal is to build a community. There are plenty of deals for everyone.

        • Anonymity is allowed, but my preference is to avoid it. Regardless, I’d rather have your chapter than not have it. A first name is required, but I would prefer to have at least your full name and email.

        • Include a short bio that is 1-3 sentences with contact details. My plan is to start off each chapter with your short bio so readers know who you are. Here’s mine for example:

      Chris Lopez is a buy-and-hold investor. He’s an investor-friendly real estate agent who helps other investors build their rental portfolio. Chris is a Real Estate Financial Planner™ who helps clients create and execute their long-term real estate investing goals.

      Connect with Chris at (303)-548-0846 or [email protected] or www.EnvisionREA.com

      When you submit, you’re agreeing to these terms:

          • No book royalties (The few dollars I receive in royalties go towards publishing costs.)

          • Your submission is not a guarantee for publishing. I hold the final decision as to what is published for quality control reasons.

          • You give me and my team the right to make minor updates based on proofreading and formatting requirements.

        To submit, fill out this Google form.

        The planned publishing date is June 2024.

        Thank you and I look forward to reading your strategy!