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Investor Friendly Realtors
What Is Envision Advisors?
Envision Advisors is made up of Colorado investor friendly realtors who build, grow, and optimize their clients’ real estate portfolio through buying and selling investment properties

They focus on investors who want to house hack, Nomad, or be traditional landlords in small multifamily properties, duplexes and single family rentals.

Their clients have grown with them. The same people they helped buy their first house hack are now buying multifamily properties and doing 1031 exchanges. Some of their earliest clients even work for them now.

Envision Advisors’ focus is on investor clients. No matter where people are in their investing journey—whether they’re new to real estate investing or have large portfolios—Envision Advisors can help clients figure out and execute a strategy.

Many of their clients also have full time jobs or businesses but know that traditional retirement won’t get them where they want to be. They know that real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth but aren’t sure where to start. Envision Advisors helps these clients get started by putting a plan together and helping them implement it.

About half of their clients are experienced investors who have amassed a fair amount of properties but don’t know how to keep accelerating that growth to meet their goals. Envision Advisors offers portfolio analysis to help them analyze their properties, figure out the next play, and show them how to get there.

What Our Clients Are Saying
Mycah Healey

My husband and I have recently decided to go 'all in' with our real estate investing. In doing our research, we came across the Denver Real Estate Investing podcast and eventually reached out to Chris after months of listening. We are so happy we did!

Chris was awesome to work with and kept us objective through our buying process. His financial analysis and willingness to work through the details with us gave the confidence we needed to take on the largest project in our investing career. I definitely recommend working with Chris and look forward to working with him in the future!

Zac Newell

I just recently have started working with Chris and his team It has been a great experience.

These guys are really knowledgeable about real estate investing and specifically the Denver market. I've been investing for several years now and looking for a team like this to help me push my investing forward.

If you are looking to invest in the Denver area I recommend you reach out and see how they can help you.

Meena Izadpanah

Chris Lopez and his partner Preston have been amazing in helping my boyfriend and I understand more about real estate, real estate investing, and even more about the Denver market. They are responsive, helpful, strategic and have provided endless advice and contacts in their network to help us get started.

If you want to be educated on strategy, the market, or on real estate investing overall, these guys are it. I highly recommend Chris and his team - they will not disappoint!

A Different Kind of Real Estate Company
What Sets Envision Advisors Apart
Helping Investors Achieve Their Real Estate Goals

There are a ton of real estate agents in Denver, Colorado, and the nation. What makes Envision Advisors different? Their focus on investors and the way they structure their team.

Envision Advisors’ investor friendly agents want to help clients build long term wealth through real estate. They don’t do short term projects like fix and flips but instead help people who want to accumulate wealth over the next 15 to 20 years.

Their organizational structure is unique for a brokerage. With a traditional real estate team, agents are on their own doing lead generation, promotion, and transactions. One agent needs to wear many hats.

Envision Advisors thrives in a collaborative environment. Like a sports team, they all play a unique position to help clients win. One person doesn’t need to spread themselves thin being good at a lot of different things. Instead, everyone focuses on the one or two things they’re great at, and clients reap the benefit of their collective expertise.

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Putting together your team and creating a real estate investing plan can be a daunting task. That’s why we offer a free investment strategy consultation to investors in Colorado. Our process is designed to understand you and your financial situation so we can formulate a strategy tailored to your long term goals. You’ll walk away from your consultation with a clear action plan.
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  1. Check out their website. 
  2. Read this blog post about what makes Envision Advisors unique.
All-Star Team
Envision Advisors Team Members
Meet the people who make up Envision Advisors
Jenny Bayless
Investor Friendly Realtor
Ben Einspahr
House Hacking Specialist
Katie Heinsohn
Investor Friendly Realtor/Advisory FOM
Leah Keeling
Investor Friendly Realtor
Stacy Rozansky
Investor Friendly Realtor
Chris Lopez
Investor Friendly Realtor
Preston Newberry
Investor Friendly Realtor
Walker Noon
Investor Friendly Realtor
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