Denver Rental Application + ROE
= Listing Opportunities
Hint: The Numbers Say to Sell!
Webinar on Wednesday, May 17th at 12 PM MDT
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Webinar Summary:
Denver landlords have two major obstacles working against their investments:
These two trends present a unique opportunity for agents to educate, add value, and generate listings, all while making your client more money with less headaches!
What You’ll Learn in this Webinar:
Navigating the Denver Rental Application - HOT Current Event
Current event topics are one of the best sales and marketing touch points when reaching out to clients. Every successful marketing plan incorporates current events.
All single-family rentals must be licensed by Jan 1, 2024.
It’s estimated that less than 20% of the 50,000 rentals in Denver are licensed.

Andy Rhodes, who’s done 3900+ rental inspections, is joining us. He’ll tell you what you need to know and provide a blueprint so you can educate and make it simple for your clients to comply.
Your clients will appreciate the guidance on this application as it can be a complicated process!
The Numbers (ROE) Say To Sell!
What is ROE? It stands for Return on Equity.
It’s a powerful concept that shows the real return of a current rental property. Most investors have no clue how to get this right!

ROE changed my investing strategy. In fact, I'm selling a rental because it!
Kevin Green and Brady Mullen are cohosting to help teach this concept (ps. they use it themselves!)
They are investor-friendly lenders who swear by this concept even in their personal investments. Your clients could be missing out on opportunities in the market… Help them stop leaving money on the table!

Chris Lopez

Founder, Envision Advisors

Andy Rhodes

President, Colorado Complete Inspections

Kevin Green

Branch Manager, The Green Team

Brady Mullen

Originating Sales Manager, The Green Team

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