The 2019 Guide to Denver Real Estate Investing Strategies

A Crowdsourced Book from Denver Investors Discussing Their Strategies and Goals

Every real estate market is different. As a real estate investor, most educational tools and resources available are too generic to translate into the Denver market. One of the goals of this book is to help you understand the special challenges and specific opportunities in our current Denver market by learning real estate investing strategies from local and active investors.

A BIG Thank You to the Contributors!

In this first annual edition, twenty investors contributed a chapter detailing their real estate investing strategies and goals – these range from house hacking to buying traditional rentals to syndicating out of state. This book is designed to be a guide in helping you formulate your own strategy to buy your first or next property. This book allows you to read, learn, and connect with local investors in the Denver community. Many of the authors share their FIRE stories and goals.

  • Adam Adams
  • Bryan Henry
  • Chris Lopez
  • Collin Jones
  • Craig Curelop
  • Daniel
  • Derek Marlin
  • Doug Dillmuth
  • James Orr
  • Jeff White

  • Joe Massey
  • Joshua Erney
  • Justin Cooper
  • Kevin Amolsh
  • Kyle Doney
  • Lucas Miller
  • Marc Cunningham
  • Michael Audetat
  • Terrance Doyle
  • Zack Van Prooyen

Goal #1:

Hold Myself Accountable to My Goals

Before publishing this book, my primary goal was to write my own investing strategy and goals. Between my degree in financial planning, reading tons of business books, and the hard knocks of building (and failing) at businesses, I’m a firm believer in three things for achieving success:

  1. Writing down your goals and strategy
  2. Publicly sharing them
  3. Having accountability

Fast forward…. what better way than by publishing a book!

Goal #2:

Get Others To Write and Share Their Goals

Every year there will be a new edition of the book. The current contributors can update their goals for a new chapter. New contributors can submit their strategy as a new chapter too.

Why do this? It’s great for me, you and others to learn from investors around Denver. If people actually write down their strategies and goals to be published in a book, I’ll bet that they’ll have a much higher chance of succeeding!

Powerful results happen when people collaborate. It builds community, makes everyone grow, and holds each other accountable. Get a copy to join!

Get Your Free Copy of the Book

#1: Attend one of our classes where we’re giving away free copies:

  • House Hacking
  • [New class] The Return on Investment Quadrant
  • [New class] The Deal Quadrant: Finding the Best Deal For You
  • [New class] Create Your Real Estate Investment Strategy

Joe Massey and I are teaching these classes throughout the year. Check out our training calendar for dates.

#2: Attend a One-on-one strategy session with me.

One of the aspects as a Realtor that I enjoy the most, is helping people create and then execute their investing strategy. Sit down with me and I’ll give you a copy of the book. I have a few hours a week that I set aside for strategy sessions, so schedule ASAP through the investment consultation form.

#3: Keep Your Eye on Social Media

I’ll be giving copies on social media. Connect and keep your eye out for giveaways on my :

#4: Buy It on Amazon

If you can’t make the class or sit down with me, then go to Amazon and order your copy.

Analyze Before You Buy
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Start analyzing your Colorado investment properties today
Rental Property Spreadsheet • House Hacking Spreadsheet BRRRR Calculator Spreadsheet • Fix and Flip Deal Analyzer Investing Maps • Rehab Pricing Estimator
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez is a Denver area real estate entrepreneur and investor, as well as the host of Bigger Pockets’ House Hackerz and the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast.
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