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What Is Curtis Street Media?
Curtis Street Media is the in-house media division for our family of companies. It creates the ecosystem where the confluence of media, technology, education, and real estate investing thrives.

Chris Lopez here. Over the past four years, I’ve tried to provide valuable knowledge and content for the audience and my clients.  The podcast is well above 400,000 downloads, our shows with BiggerPockets are a success, and it’s allowed Envision Advisors to help hundreds of investors make impactful transactions for their financial goals.

I’m ecstatic about the results, and realized I have the opportunity to educate and help people at scale.  That’s why I launched Curtis Street Media.  

We believe that there is a massive opportunity created by combining real estate education, media, and technology.

We currently are not  taking on outside clients with this company but are helping our existing businesses better provide knowledge and content.  The team has created and produced the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast, the Multifamily Mentors and House Hackerz shows on BiggerPockets, the Ultimate House Hacking Guide Book, plus a lot more.  Scaling up with more resources is increasing our ability to network and build a community.

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Chris Lopez
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Ilona Kazimirko
Jules Chairez
Creative Director
Bob Albert
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Katie Heinsohn
HR Director
Ritziko Linzi
Video Editor
Aaron Clinkscales
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Emily Croke
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