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Why Are Roofs So Important? CO RE Investors, Listen Up.
Why are roofs so important? Well, if you’re a real estate investor in Colorado, they should be very important. With the climate and conditions we experience in Colorado, our roofs
2021 Denver Real Estate Investing Guide
Are you interested in building a Denver rental portfolio but not sure where to start? Then… Start here! This podcast is a quick start guide to Denver real estate investing.
House Hacking in Colorado Springs

While writing this guide, a great opportunity popped up to partner with an agent in Colorado Springs. Her name is Jenny Bayless. She’s an active investor in the Springs and

Play the House Hack Long Game

I rarely see blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos discuss the long-term investing options that house hacking present. Yes, they do a great job of focusing on living for free or

Buying Your Next House Hack

In this section, we will be talking about preparing to buy your next house hack property. Whether it’s moving from your first house hack to your second or your fifth

Just Closed On Your House Hack, Now What?

So, you finally found a great property that will work for you, and the keys are in your hands. What a wonderful feeling! Now what? This is where the fun

You're Under Contract on a House Hack

Congratulations! You are under contract. Now that you’ve identified a great property and are officially under contract, we want to talk about the next steps. We’ll discuss your responsibilities, our

Starting Your House Hack Property Hunt

Going out and actually looking at properties is arguably the most exciting part of the process when searching for homes. While it may be daunting for clients waiting to get

Building Your House Hacking Team

As with any real estate investing strategy, it is important to have a solid team in place to help you execute purchasing your real estate properties. The type of investing

Long-Term Modeling for House Hackers

The goal of this module is to walk you through a long-term financial model of buying house hack properties. The model balances key variables and simplicity. It’s designed to show

Personal Finances and Goals for a House Hack

Having a plan for your finances and writing down your investing goals are two key habits that you want to implement. In this module we will go over some key

House Hack Deal Analysis

All of us agree that the focus for deal analysis should be on #2 – after you move out and convert it to a rental property. Remember, you are buying

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