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Interest Rate Drop Unlocks Home Buying Potential | Colorado Real Estate Market Update
Keep up with the latest Colorado’s Housing Market: October 2023 trends, home prices, and the game-changer – a slight interest rate drop that’s amplifying buying power for savvy purchasers!
Is this Colorado Springs Fourplex worth the 40% down payment? | Deal Analysis
Jenny and Leah dissect a prime example of multifamily properties available in the current market—a fourplex in Colorado Springs.
Why the New 5% Conventional Multifamily Loans are a Gamble | September Market Updates
The September 2023 Real Estate Market Updates are out, featuring the latest insights for landlords, multifamily loans, and strategies for finding profitable deals in a high-interest rate environment.
How to Get Creative with Real Estate in 2023: Room by Room Rental with a VA Loan
Discover a successful house hack in Colorado Springs with a tri-level 4-bedroom home secured through a VA loan at a 6.375% interest rate.
How to Find Cash Flowing Deals | Colorado Real Estate Market August 2023
August 2023 Colorado Real Estate Market: What it Takes to Cash Flow Today
Rain-proof Your Rentals: Essential Advice for Landlords
Rain-proof Your Rentals: Essential Landlord Advice
Best Real Estate Investing Strategies in Colorado Springs and Pueblo
Best Real Estate Investing Strategies in Colorado Springs and Pueblo [In Depth Guide]
Stop Waiting for a Price Drop | July 2023 Colorado Real Estate Market Updates
July 2023 Market Updates: Why you Should Stop Waiting for a Price Drop
How This Investor is Inflation Proofing with Fourplexes
Multifamily Mastery: Navigating Fourplexes, Section 8, Self Management, and more!
The Power of Creative Financing: Buying a Duplex in Pueblo West with a DSCR Loan
How Leah Helped This Client Creatively Finance a Cash Flowing Duplex in Pueblo West
Creating the Perfect Room by Room Farm House Rental in Colorado Springs
How Leah Negotiated with a Tough Seller for the Perfect Colorado Springs House Hack.
Stability Meets Profit: June 2023 Colorado Real Estate Market Updates
Stay informed on the latest news and opportunities in the Colorado Springs rental market!
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