BiggerPockets Real Estate Ride Along Launch!
Terrance Doyle and I are launching a new show on BiggerPockets called the Real Estate Ride Along Show. Watch show #1 at Let me know if you want to join us on a future episode!

The Real Estate Ride Along show launches today, Wednesday, June 17th on the BiggerPockets YouTube channel featuring Chris Lopez, Terrance Doyle and occasional guests. Each show will document the process of flipping multi family properties and take a deep dive into the financials of each project. 

The show evolved from an idea Terrance had two years ago to show investors and family members what he did as he transitioned from single family to multi family properties. Terrance’s family would accompany him on visits to jobs sites throughout the Denver area.  These days spent touring properties in various stages of remodel triggered conversations about real estate and allowed his family members to look at real estate investing a different way, encouraging and inspiring them to get involved in real estate themselves.

The goal of the show is to accurately portray what the reality of real estate investing and remodeling looks like…the good, the bad and the ugly. Seeing the properties and touring them during the remodel is very different than reading a blog post about it. A video is one more way (and usually a much more effective way) to educate others. It will be focused on Denver multi family properties and feature ride along guests who can ask questions, offer their insight and learn about real estate investing.

The first half of each episode shows Chris and Terrance walking a property that is either under contract or in various states of remodel. They discuss the interior and exterior as they walk it. For the rest of the show, Chris and Terrance will be in the studio doing a deep dive into the numbers and discussing the buy, the rehab, the future sale or renting of it, including rehab costs, development cost, carrying costs, and the financials of a turnkey investment property. The goal is to show the reality of real estate investing and give the true numbers and timeline. This is very different than most real estate shows out there on HGTV in that the show will go in depth into the underwriting process and walk you through it step-by-step.

Episodes will be released each Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.

The first 6 episodes feature these Denver investment properties.

Ride Along Episode #1: Wednesday, June 17th

  • 6 unit apt building Terrance purchased in Sloan Lake area
  • Off W Colfax
  • 5 min from downtown
  • Lots of development in area
  • Previous owner owned for 20+ years. Basis virtually zero.
  • Vacant except for 2 tenants who were moving out month purchased
  • Property suffered deal fatigue
  • Fit Terrance’s box – outdated, needed love, needed refresh, good area of Denver
  • Able to buy at low basis, make improvements, get tenants in

Ride Along Episode #2: Wednesday, June 24TH

  • Fourplex on the other side of Sloan Lake from the property in the first episode
  • Leased it all up in April
  • Got rents that were projected
  • Currently under contract and set to close in the next two weeks
  • Selling for close to the number we used in underwriting

Ride Along Episode #3: Wednesday, July 1st

  • House with ADU
  • ADU at time of walkthrough was being gutted and rehabbed Painting mural on it this week

Ride Along Episode #4: Wednesday, July 8th

  • 6 unit in Littleton

Ride Along Episode #5: Wednesday, July 15th

  • 9 unit in Aurora across from Fitzsimmons

Ride Along Episode #6: Wednesday, July 22nd

  • 10 unit in Aurora near Colfax

Check out the show, like it and leave a comment. Your likes and comments help us continue to do more shows.

Live Q&As on Facebook and Instagram

As each episode is released, Chris and Terrance will have live weekly Q&As on Facebook and Instagram following the release. The guests from the episodes will be joining them for these Q&A sessions as well. The first live Q&A is Monday, June 22nd with the show guest Athena Brownson. Join the Live Q&A on Facebook to ask questions! You can leave your questions in the comments or email Chris your questions ahead of time at [email protected].

Interested in Being a Guest on the Denver Ride Along Show?

We are looking for guests for future shows. Guests bring a fresh perspective and a fresh set of eyes which leads them to ask questions we have never thought of or propose ideas we’ve never thought about. These are great conversation starters and lead to more learning for everyone including our audience due to the live interaction.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast and want to check out one of these projects with us in person, reach out. We’re looking for ordinary people that love real estate and want to have a conversation around why we bought the deal, how we bought the deal, how we funded the deal, and how people in various stages of their real estate investing career can get involved. We welcome any and all levels of experience in real estate. If you want to learn about real estate and tag along with Chris and Terrance, then post a message to this BiggerPockets forum thread

Youtube Video: BiggerPockets Denver Ride Along Launch

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