Ben Einspahr
Ben Einspahr is the House Hacking & AirBnB Specialist at Envision Advisors. He helps clients implement strategies that generate above average income from their properties in Denver, where cashflow is getting harder and harder to find. He’s an investor himself, and for the past several years he’s been building his portfolio both in and out of state. He has 3 properties which he’s used to replace his w-2 income. It just goes to show how the number of doors matters so much less than the cashflow that each one produces!
Author Episodes
Rent by Room House Hack in North Denver = Cashflow Positive
Affordable North Denver house hack with high ROI potential!
Denver Rent by the Room House Hack With A Spouse
Jordan Lindsay’s successful “rent by the room” house hacking journey, achieved alongside his now-wife, showcases how this strategy can pave the way to financial freedom.
Northglenn House Hack with a Separate Mother-in-law Suite
High interest rates are making house hacks harder to find, but they still exist! Here is a house hack we found right off the MLS.
Launch Your House Hack: Tips for Preparing Your Property Before it Goes Live
Want to house hack? Start here! Ben Einspahr, short-term/medium-term rental expert at Envision Advisors, sat down with Rifaah Alkhamis and Kevin Czura to discuss their recent adventures in house hacking.
Don't Get Stuck with a Bad Roommate: How to Screen House Hack Tenants
We’re kicking off season 2 of House Hack Mastermind with one of our favorite topics—room by room rentals! Our guests today both recently purchased Denver area single family homes and
Lessons Learned from First Time House Hackers in an Englewood Duplex
In this episode of House Hack Masterminds, Ben and Jeff sit down Kyle and Tiffany, who bought their first house hack in Englewood. They’re adept at pivoting when faced with
House Hack Ride Along #3: New Build Townhome Airbnb in Wheat Ridge
In our third House Hack Ride Along episode, join Ben and Jeff as they tour Ben’s new build townhouse. The home has a separate studio on the first floor that
House Hack Mastermind #9: Newbie House Hackers: Room by Room vs Airbnb
We’re back with another episode of House Hack Mastermind! In this episode, we talk to Stephen Witkowski and Vince Arena, two new investors who are taking different approaches to house
House Hack Ride Along #2: Jeff's Ultimate House Hack
In our second House Hack Ride Along episode, join Ben and Jeff as they tour Jeff’s third house hack on the west side of Denver. Watch the video to see
House Hack Ride Along Episode 1: Ben’s First House Hack
Welcome to the first episode of our new series “House Hack Ride Along.”  Join Jeff White and Ben Einspahr as they tour house hacks in the Denver area.  These properties
House Hack Mastermind #8 – Airbnb'ing as a Couple
Join us for our 8th House Hack Mastermind episode packed with practical content for the first time house hacker. Denver house hackers Chris and Jesteny join us in the studio
Plumbing DIY in House Hack Turned Camping Trip
Hello Fellow House Hackers! Here is a post I put together roughly a year ago when we were living in our first house hack and then life happened and never got
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