How to Sell an Investment Property

Selling a Denver or Colorado Springs rental property requires a different approach than selling your own home. Below are key points to consider: Tenant Occupied? Are you selling the investment property with a tenant in place? Generally speaking, you’ll get top dollar by selling a vacant unit to an owner occupant. Condition If your property […]

1031 Exchanges for Denver and Colorado Springs

A 1031 exchange allows an investor to sell real estate and defer capital gains if they buy a like-kind property. The tax benefits are significant! Utilizing 1031 exchanges effectively can help grow your real estate portfolio exponentially. Many investors don’t how much their real estate portfolio can be optimized by trading an underperforming property for something […]

Return on Equity (ROE) Calculator for Real Estate Investing

“Should I keep this rental, pull out cash or sell it?” is a question that investors ask me on a regular basis. Savvy investors don’t live by the simple mantras of “never sell a property” or “never sell if the cash flow is greater than $500/mo.” Simple mantras make great blog headlines, but poor investing […]

Keep or Sell: Breaking Down the Options for Maximizing Returns

If you’re like most investors, you assume that holding onto your property for the long-term is always the most financially sound decision. But it turns out there’s a lot more that goes into evaluating a property than letting equity grow. Lon Welsh joins us to explain the right way to analyze your property and the options you have to increase your returns. Keep or sell? It’s more complicated than you think.

Fix and Flip vs Long Term Rental: Landlord Shares His Biggest Mistakes

Seasoned investors know that different rental strategies work better in different markets. Today, we’re talking to Rick Staael, an investor who owns properties along the Front Range, about how he chooses different strategies and what he’s learned from his biggest mistakes. Find out what he learned the hard way, and how you can avoid some of the same pitfalls.

Everything You Need to Know to Register for a Denver Rental License

Chris Lopez and Eric Ross; Fine print that will make you fail the Denver Rental License program

Attention Denver landlords: Are you prepared for the new rental licensing requirements that go into effect in 2023? To help landlords navigate the process, we brought in local property manager Eric Ross and real estate agent/investor Brittney Vernon. They explained the application and inspection process while taking questions from the audience. If you own a rental property in Denver, listen to this episode to find out what you need to know about this new program.

When Is an ARM Better than a Fixed Rate Loan?

Strategic Partners Marcus Davis and William Foy join us to explain how they helped a client refinance his loans so he can prepare for retirement. With interest rates rising, an adjustable-rate mortgage generated better savings than a fixed-rate loan. Listen to the episode to find out why, and learn how the commercial market is changing with the economy.

How the Rich Minimize Taxes: Building Wealth with Cost Segregation

How can a cost segregation study improve your returns? Bonnie Griffin Kaake of Cost Segregation Services, Inc. joins us to discuss how depreciation and cost segregation interact, and explains why this topic is even more nuanced than you think. Learn why short term rentals are different, how business owners can get extra benefits, and more.