Learn Real Estate Investing from a Pro: Terrance Doyle’s Value Tribe

Are you interested in starting a real estate business? Have you done a lot of deals but need help taking it to the next level? Terrance Doyle joins us to talk about the launch of his new community, Value Tribe. By signing up, you’ll get access to a community of like-minded real estate professionals, mentorship from pros, and exclusive materials.

Listen to the episode to learn more, and go here to sign up: https://valuetribe.terrancedoyle.com/landing

Is Renting to Friends a Huge House Hacking Mistake?

In this episode of House Hackerz with BiggerPockets, I’ve got a classic love story for you: Boy meets girl, they fall in love and get married, then they do their first house hack.  How does it all play out?  I’m talking with Walker and Nina about their decision to house hack in their first home, and why they violated the cardinal rule: do not rent to friends.  Good news–this story has a happy ending.

The 150 SQFT “House Hack-Bnb” Making $2,500/Month

Welcome back to another episode of House Hackerz with BiggerPockets. One thing I love about house hacking is all the creative, win-win strategies house hackers figure out. Today, I’m talking to Ben Einspahr about the house hacking strategy he and his wife Alyson use. They’re on their third house hack in their house hack stack, but this is the first one since they had their daughter Emma. They found a way to make house hacking fit into their lifestyle.

How This House Hacker Started Investing Before Graduating College

It’s never too early to start your investing journey! That’s why our guest Miller started looking for the perfect Colorado Springs house hack before he finished college. Now, he and his wife are settled in and well on their way towards their long-term goals. Listen to the episode to hear his story, and find out how he’s taking a creative approach to maintaining privacy while living with roommates.