Finally, Some Breathing Room in the Market. July 2022 Colorado Stats and Roundtable Discussion.

Is seasonality coming back to the Colorado real estate market? Is now a good time for investors to buy? The July 2022 market stats are in, and our roundtable is back to answer all of your questions. Listen to the episode to learn how Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo are performing; plus, hear what kind of deals our team is putting together.

Understanding the 3 Documents You Sign as a Passive Investor

What do passive investors need to know about the risks and obligations they’re agreeing to? Lon Welsh joins us to go over the documents passive investors are required to sign, what to look for in them, and how they differ from active real estate transactions. If you’re interested in becoming a passive investor, you won’t want to miss this episode!

How a Denver Investor Successfully BRRRRed in Pueblo

Is it still possible to find a Colorado property to BRRRR in an extreme seller’s market? Today, we’re talking to Eric, who did just that. After seeing how much equity he had in his Denver-area primary residence, he turned to Pueblo to find a single family home that needed work but had potential. Listen to the episode to learn more about the process and what it’s like to be a landlord in Pueblo.

High Interest Rates Can’t Touch House Hacking

We recently teamed up with BiggerPockets to bring you a brand-new show all about house hacking.  House Hackerz will feature property walks and interviews with investors to talk about why they’re house hacking and how it’s getting them closer to their long-term financial freedom goals. 

Relocating from California to Find a Profitable House Hack in Colorado

Why did this investor move from San Francisco to Colorado Springs to start house hacking? Today, Jenny and Chris sit down with Michael, a new investor who has a unique outlook and strategy on growing his portfolio. Listen to the episode to learn the details of his house hack and how he plans to reinvest his money using a waterfall strategy.

Trading up with a 1031 Exchange into a $330,400 New Build

It’s no secret the market is giving homeowners the gift of appreciation, but what’s the best way to tap into it? In this deal analysis, Jenny explains to Chris how her clients used a 1031 exchange to trade their older townhome for a new build, paying only $10K out of pocket. Listen to the episode to hear the details and find out why this was a great deal for both the sellers and the buyers.