Using Denver Equity to Invest in a Pueblo Rental Property

In this Deal Analysis, Jenny and Chris talk with new investor Emily about the rental property she recently purchased in Pueblo. This is a great example of taking advantage of Denver’s appreciation and redeploying it in a lower cost market. Listen to the episode to learn the details and find out how they used creative financing to fund repairs.

Top 5 Electrical Issues Investors Should Know

What do investors need to know about electrical issues on their properties? To find out, I sat down with experienced electrical Lance Padilla to discuss the top 5 most common issues and how to resolve them. Listen to the video to learn about outlets, wiring, and what types of electrical panels you should replace immediately.

Using a HELOC to Acquire a Colorado Springs Fourplex

In this Deal Analysis, Jenny and Chris discuss a fourplex recently purchased by Denver investors in the Springs. This is a great example of an off-market property that will generate solid returns. Listen to the episode to learn more and see how slight adjustments in rents can significantly alter outcomes.

Analyzing a Value Add Duplex in Athmar Park

In this Deal Analysis, Lauren and Chris talk to Alex Cowan, a young investor who just purchased his first pure investment property–a duplex in Athmar Park. Even though the duplex required extensive repairs, he is poised to see great returns. Listen to the episode to learn how he got the property and learn about his long-term plans for it.

Ask an Investor: Should I Tap into Roth IRA, Equity, or Savings to Buy My Next Rental?

We’re back with another episode of Ask an Investor. Our guest is Ben Einspahr, who recently left his W2 job to join EA, and wants to find out the best way to plan the purchase of his next property. Listen to the episode to learn about the pros and cons of using equity, savings, or retirement accounts to invest in real estate

Job Posting: Video Editor/Content Creator for Real Estate Investing Content

As we’ve done in the past, we’d like to reach out to our community first to find amazing talent paired with their interest and opportunity of investing in Colorado real estate. We are looking for a video editor and content creator to work with us.  Document to Scale is a phrase that describes our marketing […]