Deal Analysis: Commercial Office Building in Colorado Springs

My clients had recently liquidated some properties and were looking for a place to put their capital. We originally looked for multi family properties, but with the inventory so low, good deals were hard to find. An opportunity for an off-market office building came up, and my clients decided to expand their horizons and move into the commercial world.

Deal Analysis: Eight Unit Multi Family in Colorado Springs

Our client came to us from out of state. He invests in the west coast but has been wanting to start investing in Colorado, either in Denver or Colorado Springs. Preston and I helped find him a great deal on an eight unit multi family apartment building in north Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Real Estate Trends – April 2021

We are seeing some historic stats in the Colorado Springs market. Currently, the average time on the market for a home is 9 days, down from 20 days at this time last year. Inventory is up about 100 units from March, to around 450 active listings. While this is good news, there were 1275 active listings in April of 2020. The market is tight right now, but we’re still making deals and getting our clients under contract.

Denver Real Estate Trends – April 2021 + Q1 Rent and Vacancy Report

The Denver and Colorado Springs MLS trends data for April 2021 is out. Tune in to hear Chris and Jenny discuss the stats and talk about why lumber prices are so high. It’s still a sellers market for now, and a lower amount of standing inventory means buyers need to act quickly to purchase a home.

New Show! Drinks and Deep Dives: Market Update, Multi Family and Office Deal Analyses

In our first Wednesday live show series, Preston and Jenny joined us to give market updates for Denver and Colorado Springs and walk us through 2 recent deals. Both markets have record low active listings and investors are putting in multiple offers before going under contract. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t finding good deals for our clients!

We did 2 deal analyses for properties in Colorado Springs: an 8 unit multifamily apartment building and a commercial office building. Both of these are great properties that are poised to bring solid returns for our investors.

Listen to the podcast to hear more and find out the details of our 2021 Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing Strategies book launch party on June 4th.

House Hack Mastermind #7 – The “Nitty-Gritty” of House Hacking and Nomading

Grab a pen, notepad, and your drink of choice and join us for our 7th episode packed with practical content for the first time house hacker. Denver house hackers Ryan Lind and David Williams join us in the studio to discuss profitability vs comfort scale, insurance ins and outs as a real estate investor, where is the best place to put your money when saving up for your first or next investment property and much more.

Deal Analysis – It’s All About Your Mindset: House Hack in Arvada

This deal analysis profiles first time investor Ryan Lind. Agent Lauren Valinoti helped him find a house hack in Arvada that is set to bring him great returns. But just like every other investor, he ran into some speedbumps along the way. We sat down with him to go over the deal and what he’s learned throughout the process. Listen to the podcast to find out how this first rental property gets him closer to his goal of $10K in monthly cashflow in 7 years.

Deal Analysis – Using Creative Financing to Build a Portfolio

Our guest this week is Garrett Dilley, an investor who started investing late 2020, and is making great strides towards reaching his real estate goals by building his rental portfolio in Colorado Springs. Jenny Bayless helped him find a single family home that fit his criteria, and he was able to make a competitive, all cash offer while still being able to utilize leverage by employing delayed financing. Now, he’s one step closer to his ultimate goal of building wealth so he can spend more time with his family and mountain biking.

Job Postings: Asset Manager and Controller – VareCo

The VareCo is growing and looking to fill two positions – Asset Manager and Controller. Terrance Doyle recently sat down with me to talk about what they’re looking for in an Asset Manager. This podcast is that discussion. The Controller position is not discussed on the podcast, but the job description for it can be found in the show notes.

Job Postings: Transaction Coordinator and Director of Agent Operations with Envision Advisors

We are excited to announce that due to the success and growth of our team, we are looking to add more members to the Envision Advisors on the administrative side. We are looking for a Transaction Coordinator and a Director of Agent Operations to work directly with Envision Advisors. Listen to the podcast to hear about these opportunities or read the show notes for the full job descriptions. Instructions on how to apply are at the bottom of the show notes.

Colorado Springs Real Estate Trends – March 2021

The Colorado Springs MLS trends data for March 2021 is out. Comparing year over year (March 2020 to March 2021) is better than comparing the previous month, because we have defined seasonality trends. The big news is average sales price increased 21% from March 2020 to March 2021. Listen to the podcast to find out what accounts for this dramatic price increase.