House Hacking with an Engineer: Finding Joy in the Numbers – Even After Buying a New Build Townhome

As part of our series on new build townhomes, Chris and Lauren sat down with investor Anthony Musco to discuss the new build townhome Lauren helped him purchase near Olde Towne Arvada. He wasn’t initially looking for a luxury new build, but the historic seller’s market made this play a solid option for him. He was able to take advantage of a grant program to help finance the home, and it is the first step in a long term plan of acquiring properties and accumulating wealth. Listen to the podcast to hear why this robotics software engineer and self-proclaimed numbers nerd sees huge investment property growth potential in the Denver market and outlying suburbs.

Deal Analysis – A Dedicated House Hacker in Colorado Springs

This deal analysis profiles first time home buyer and investor Jeremy Babin. He knew he wanted a property that would allow him to use the house hacking method to build wealth. It took a few showings with our agent Leah to nail down exactly what he wanted, but now that he’s found it, he’s implementing his plan to an impressive degree. Listen to the podcast to find out how Jeremy plans to push rents and force equity.

41-Unit Syndication Deal Analysis With Terrance Doyle

The property reviewed in this Deal Analysis podcast is a 41-unit single-structure multi-family in the very competitive Highlands Neighborhood in Denver, CO. The property consists of 38 units with 1 bed and 1 bath and 3 units with 2 bed and 1 bath. This is the fifth VareCo syndication deal featured on the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast. Check out the podcast episode to hear Terrance Doyle and Chris Lopez discuss the details of this deal.

Deal Analysis – Taking Advantage of Appreciation in Colorado Springs

This deal analysis profiles a new investor, Braden Sanderson. He started investing in rental properties in his college town in Texas. After purchasing a live-in-flip in Denver, he saw the appreciation of the markets in Colorado and decided to start investing in rental properties in Colorado Springs, too. While the location Braden invests in Texas is a cash flow market, Denver and Colorado Springs are more appreciation-based. He worked with agent Jenny Bayless to find a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom condo in the southeast part of Colorado Springs. Chris and Jenny sat down with Braden to go talk about this deal and how it will fit into his long term goals. Listen to the podcast to hear Chris, Jenny and Braden walk through the deal step by step.

What We Have Been Up to at Envision Advisors: Portfolio Analysis, New Studio, Social Media

Hi Denver investors. It’s the end of quarter one, and the only way to describe it is hectic. Between my wife and I both getting COVID and the state of the market, I can’t believe how much time has passed already. I recently sat down to review my goals for the year, and I want to give you an update on the market and some cool stuff coming down the pipeline. Listen to this episode to hear about our new studio, team members and the new content we’ll be creating just for you.

Deal Analysis – Super Turnkey Single Family Home Near Fort Carson in Colorado Springs

This deal analysis profiles a relatively new investor, Alex Sadeghi, who moved to Denver almost 2 years ago. Shortly after the move, he bought his first property, also his primary residence, a condo in Capitol Hill. This sparked his interest in Denver real estate, and he got hooked on the Denver Real Estate Investing podcast
as well as all The BiggerPockets guides and forums.

Building Wealth Through Comic Book Sales w/ Lon Welsh

Our special guest for this episode is Lon Walsh, the founder of Your Castle Real Estate. Preston and I sat down with him to talk about how he turned his comic book collection into a real estate empire, his advice and outlook on investing, and a case study of a property in Pueblo that walks through how he approaches investments. Thanks to the power of compounding interest, Lon was able to turn his comic book collection into a strong real estate portfolio. Listen to this episode to hear Lon talk about the simple guidelines he follows.

Inspecting Colorado Springs Rental Properties with Mark Jones

Our podcast guest for this episode is Mark Jones, owner of Top Choice Inspectors, a home inspection company that operates from South Denver to North Pueblo. In this episode, he discusses how to use the home inspection process to your advantage, unique things found in Colorado Springs homes, and what it means to be “up to code.” Listen to the podcast to find out what you need to know about floating walls, sewer lines, and electric panels.

Married + House Hacking with Nina and Walker Noon

What’s it like to house hack as a married couple? In this episode, agent Walker Noon walks through how he and his wife decided to try house hacking with their first property and the things they learned along the way. Listen to find out how living with roommates gives them more options and financial freedom for the future.