Deal or No Deal? Flipping in Longmont

My guest for this episode is Derek Marlin who does fix and flips. This will be the first in a four-part series with Derek talking about deals he’s doing as well as deals he’s not doing. In this case, he chose NOT to do the deal. He ran the opportunity through his spreadsheet, and it did not pass the test. This is more common than not; he analyzes 8-10 properties for every one that passes the test.

Book Contributor Interview: Joe Massey

This is the first episode where I interview a book contributor who wrote a chapter for “The 2020 Guide to Denver Real Estate Investing” book. The goal for this podcast series is to check in with them to have them recap their real estate investing strategies and how it has changed since the COVID pandemic.

Denver Property Management Update – June 10th, 2020

We received really great feedback from last month’s Property Management update so we thought we would continue to do updates once a month at least until the world starts to settle down. This allows our investor clients can get the inside scoop from professional property managers that specialize in the Denver market. As a reminder, or if you didn’t catch May’s update, we will be focusing on data collected regarding rent collection and trends we are seeing from month to month so landlords can be as educated as possible and know what to expect.