Tapping into Your Primary Residence Equity Updates – Part #2

Before reading this post, make sure you read the previous post, “Refinancing Your Primary Residence to Purchase Denver Investment Property” as this post builds upon the information in there. This post continues to explore different scenarios for pulling equity from your primary residence in order to buy rentals properties.

My clients reviewed the first Real Estate Financial Plan™ model, and then we hopped on a call to discuss it. Not surprisingly, there were some updates to make. It takes at least a few meetings to get details flushed out and to find the right path.

What is the BRRRR Method?

Real estate investment has almost became a specific art form due to the heavy mathematics and science behind it. There are many different financial aspects to take into consideration, and when you’re working with percentages and estimated calculations, things can get confusing and murky fast. Errors made in the initial budgeting stage have the potential […]

How Does Denver Investment Real Estate Benefit Me?

As Denver begins to rapidly grow, as does the economy around it; including the booming real estate scene. For realtors and investors, this is an amazing time to be an active part of the industry, but for someone just breaking into the scene, it can seem chaotic and confusing, full of risks. Understanding the benefits […]

Refinancing Your Primary Residence to Purchase Denver Investment Property

If you’re like many Denver homeowners who have owned their primary residence for a few years, then you’re probably sitting on a decent amount of equity that is often in the six-figure range. The Return on Equity module discussed calculating your return on equity and the opportunity costs of equity in your rental properties. This module will explore the opportunity costs of equity trapped in your primary residence.

Northern Colorado Real Estate Trends – Infographic 2019

In northern Colorado, there’s been a steady decline in active homes on the market but a steady figure when it comes to deals closed. The demand for homes remains, even if the market has thinned. Dig into the breakdown of homebuyers in northern Colorado. Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to https://www.denverinvestmentrealestate.com/ […]

Return on Equity

After owning a property for a few years, is using return on initial investment the best way to measure the performance of your rental property? No, it’s not. You’re building equity, which has an opportunity cost. Do you leave it in the current property or take some or all of it out to buy more properties? What you do or don’t do with the equity, can have a big impact on your rental portfolio.
The podcast covers (1) How to calculate and understand return on equity. (2) The three common scenarios for determining your equity opportunity costs. (3) An overview of the “Equity Optimization” Spreadsheet (4) A real-world case study for optimizing return on equity.

Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet Overview

This episode gives you a high level overview of the rental analysis spreadsheet from Joe Massey that we use to analyze properties. It does not go into specifics on how to use the spreadsheet but rather discusses variables and assumptions to use. Go to https://www.denverinvestmentrealestate.com/denver-rental-property-spreadsheet/ to download the spreadsheet and to watch training videos.

Denver Rental Property Spreadsheet

Don’t buy a bad deal! Use our Denver Rental Property Spreadsheet to quickly and accurately analyze Denver rental properties. The spreadsheet was created by Joe Massey, Senior Loan Officer at Castle & Cooke Mortgage, to help investors find the “right deal” for their portfolio. Stop spending money on investment calculators and download our free Denver-focused […]