The Four Returns in Real Estate Investing: Cash Flow is NOT everything

Cash flow is NOT everything when it comes to analyzing rental properties. Yes, it’s important, but if you’re only looking at cash flow, then you’re missing a few very important pieces to the puzzle. This show covers: (1)The four ways you make money in real estate investing. (2) Defining your true total initial investment to accurately measure your ROI. (3) Using a powerful visual aid to calculate the four returns to determine your complete ROI. (4) Two real-world Denver rental property analyses and their ROI.

Most likely, it’ll be a different property analysis perspective than you’ve learned elsewhere. As the title states, cash flow is NOT everything!

Investment Property Analysis Course Overview

The goal of this course is to teach you how to analyze an investment rental property at the initial purchase and then review it every year to optimize your rental portfolio for long term retirement planning. In a nutshell, it’ll help you understand and play the real-life Monopoly game — from buying your first your property (a green home), to accumulating more, and then trading up into bigger and better rental properties (red hotels!)

Podcast #113: Understanding Qualified Business Income (QBI) w/ Scott Estill

In the tax and business entity series that I did with Peter Mcfarland, he touched on qualified business income (QBI). I wanted to do a deep dive to understand it myself! Scott Estill, a former IRS senior trial attorney, agreed to come on the podcast to educate us. QBI is part of section 199A of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. If you own rental properties or a business, you’ll want to understand QBI as it can provide up to a 20% deduction of your qualified business income. Like most tax laws, it’s complex. Scott does a great job of breaking down QBI.